Environmental Policy and Compliance

Environmental responsibility is a core value of Energy Services and is an integral part of planning, design, construction and operational decisions. Energy Services is committed to excellence in its environmental practices and performance by providing safe, economical, and reliable products and services in a responsible and environmentally sensitive manner. Our desire to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal drives us to adopt new technologies and improve our environmental management practices. The department’s co-generation facility, which is one of the most modern energy production facilities of its kind, was recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy for “the superior environmental performance of the central utility plant achieved through the use of pollution-preventing combined heat and power.”

Energy Services strives to:

  • Comply with local, State and Federal environmental laws and regulations;
  • Ensure proper and safe management of all wastes and pollutants from operations;
  • Be proactive in addressing environmental issues and in finding innovative solutions to protect and improve the environment;
  • Be vigilant in efforts to prevent environmental degradation and be prepared to act effectively in the event of an environmental emergency.

Procurement and Supply Chain Risk Management

Energy Services strives to provide reliable utility services by using modern technological practices and legal and forward contracts to ensure that production inputs are obtained in a timely and affordable manner. Energy Services has contracts with multiple vendors for the supply of commodity inputs for the production of electricity, steam, and chilled water. In addition, Energy Services has constructed oil and coal storage facilities to serve as buffers whenever the upside supply chain is disrupted. The ultra-modern thermal storage facility augments the chiller plants and the co-generation plant can use multiple fuels.

Project Development

The development process of all Energy Services capital projects follows the guidelines established by the University’s Facilities Planning and Design Division and by the State of North Carolina.