Electric Service

Electric outage requests will only be accepted from the Facilities Services DepartmentUNC Police or a Contractor providing construction or renovation services on campus. All requests must be received no less than 2 business days (48 hours) in advance.

  1. Gather the following information and contact EDS at 919-962-8394: Name of Person Submitting Request, Contact Information, Name of Customer/Department and Building Location, Begin and End Times for Requested Outage.
  2. EDS will review the request for the impact on others, potential weather impact to initiate or complete the outage, any special or unusual material needs for restoration, and the time required to restore service.
  3. Once the review is completed, confirmation will be provided. Should any considerations be of sufficient concern to require further evaluation or delay, the requesting party will be informed of reasons and alternatives.
  4. Once the request has been accepted, a line crew will be assigned. Prior to restoring service, EDS will confirm the system can safely be restored with no danger to any personnel associated with or involved in the facility.

Steam Service

To schedule a steam outage, contact either Johnny Moss at 919-962-3859 or the main office for Cogeneration at 919-962-1167 two to three weeks prior to the requested outage date.

Chilled Water Service

To schedule a chilled water outage, call the main office for Chilled Water at 919-962-3419.