Changes In Account Information and Leased Space

To change information for an existing billing account or to close an account, follow the instructions on the Account Information Form (see our Policies and Procedures site). This form can also be used to request electronic automatic payment of your account by FRS. For activation or cancellation of Leased Space, contact the UNC Property Office

Temporary Utility Service, Work Order Accounts and Turnover to UNC Account

To apply for an Energy Services Billing Account, complete an Application for Temporary Service (see our Policies and Procedures site). For service or work related to a UNC Capital Project (new construction, renovation, etc) you will need the assistance of the Facilities Planning and Construction Project Manager assigned to your project. The Application for Temporary Service is required for all new non-university accounts, such as Contractors; and for Facility Planning and Construction Capital Improvement projects with a CIP # assigned. Temporary Accounts will be billed until Facilities Planning and Construction has provided notification to transfer billing to the appropriate UNC-CH account. To set up a new UNC account follow the instructions for completing an Account Information Form. For temporary Water, Sewer, Natural or Propane Gas service, please contact the providers listed below.

Utility Provider Phone Fax
Water and Sewer OWASA 919-968-4421 919-968-4464
Natural Gas PSNC 877-776-2427
Propane Gas Ferrell Gas 888-337-7355 800-561-2410

Secure Billing Portal

The Billing Portal allows you to view your utility and work order invoices, account information, meter information and a variety of reports.

To access this portal, you will need a valid UNC ONYEN which has been registered in our security table for the accounts your department’s management has assigned access rights. If you have any questions or encounter any problems with access, please call 919-962-1158.

Energy Services Secure Billing Login Page

Underground Utility Locates

The Underground Utility Locates Policy is on our Policies and Procedures site.