New Policy – To Begin February 1, 2016

In an effort to reduce mail waste – defined as the 1.5 million pieces of undeliverable and/or unwanted commercial mail that The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the “University”) historically receives and recycles annually – the University shall require a method for commercial mailing companies who send mass-produced commercial mail to the University to certify their mailing list in the following manner: remove people from mailing lists who are no longer at the University; correct undeliverable as addressed mail pieces; remove unwanted mailing pieces; and identify those individuals who prefer digital instead of printed delivery.

Beginning February 1, 2016, the University shall require commercial mailing companies to cease delivery of all mass-produced mail from a non-certified list.

Entire Policy

Waste-Free Mail Passport

Waste-Free Mail Passport Website

The central hub for mailing companies to submit mailing list for certification based on the newly adapted University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill policy.

Any commercial mail destined for the University will not be delivered unless the mailing list has been certified and met a threshold of ninety-five percent (95%) clean. For a list to be certified initially all addresses must be deliverable and the list must not include people no longer at the University. Once certified, mailers must also allow University faculty/staff the option to unsubscribe or request a digital version upon receipt of the mail/publication.

To start the certification process, a mailer may submit records for the University (ZIP code 27599) to Waste-Free Mail (WFM) via WFM Passport and follow the online instructions. University records must include full name, a unique identifier, and all available address elements, e.g. title, department, campus box, street, city, and state. An initial assessment as to whether a list meets the 95 percent threshold will be provided at no charge to the mailer.

If the list does not meet the 95 percent threshold, the mailer has the following options:

  1. Mailer can contract with Waste-Free Mail (WFM) to have the list cleaned. (There will be a charge for cleaning the list.)
  2. Mailer can fix the list themselves and resubmit the list for certification. (There will be a $50 resubmission charge.)
  3. Mailer can suppress all mail destined to the University (ZIP code 27599).
  4. Mailer can continue to mail with the understanding that all mail will be recycled immediately with no attempt at delivery.

If the list does meet the 95 percent threshold, the mailer is eligible to have mail delivered provided University faculty/staff have the option to unsubscribe or request a digital version through Waste-Free Mail. For example, there could be a message printed above the person’s name such as “Digital/Unsubscribe? Go to ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678”. More details and other options will be provided by WFM.

The mailing list must be recertified every 6 months. If new records have been added to the mailing list, the entire list must be recertified. Once the mailing list has been processed through WFM Passport, University Mail Services will provide a certificate to the mailer.

Waste-Free Mail Connect

“Your online portal to freedom from mail waste.”

Waste Free MailWebsite

WFM Connect is an online tool that allows departments, units or individuals to update records and register preferences online.

Updates can be performed for many individuals or a single user in the same session.

Waste-Free Mail 2.0

“The digital mailbox you’ve been waiting for…”

PrintWFM 2.0 has the capability to track and archive information for the distribution of advertising journals, magazines, and marketing materials to mass-produced lists.

The options available to the UNC campus through WFM 2.0 are as follows:

  1. Digitized material, when digital copy is available (UNC preferred method)
  2. Opt out of unsolicited and unwanted commercial mail
  3. Update your campus address
  4. Hardcopy delivery when a recipient has opted to receive these pieces.
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